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*Menu Envie 33,50 € (Starter + Main course + Dessert)

Formule at Lunch 21,50 € (Starter + Main Course or Main + Dessert) except Sunday and Holidays


Velouté of tomatoes Guérande, gingerbread ice cream, Finger of fresh cheese with herbs
Brittany sausage with Guérande salt confit, perfect egg
Haddock tartare Yuzu citrus and asparagus
Planche Gourmand (dried lomo, guémenoise with bacon, Guérande Salted Foie Gras of duck)

Main courses

Filet of haddock with seaweed Hazelnut Butterfly Wing
Skatefish ,with its better noisette pear gieser with spices
Boar casserole Grandma’s purée
Entrecote of Beef Reduction of shallots with Loire red wine with Pepper Flavor
Vegetarian Plate of Vegetables and Starchy Foods

Desserts (Thanks if possible to choose at the beginning of the meal)

Plate of 3 cheeses Brie salad with raw milk, Curé Nantais, Saint Nectaire
Papillote of figues red current sorbet
Buttermilk Milk with salted butter caramel Apple Bio d’Herbignac
Strawberry Mascarpone Shortbread with speculos

Specialty Menu 38 € (Starter + Main Course + Dessert)


9 OystersN°3 de Mesquer
Guérande Salted Foie Gras of duck

Main Dish

Pan-fried Eels In Persillade,
Seasonal Vegetables
Sliced duck breast magret
With honny and apple fruits Bio


Chocolat cake and custard sauce
Crème anglaise
Vanille cream with Cointreau
Red fruits Coulis

CHILDREN MENU – 12 ans 12 € (3 Courses) € 9.50 (2 courses)

Foie Gras or Tomato Carpaccio Mimosa
Poached salmon with melted butter or chicken drumstick
chocolate raft or 2 scoops of ice cream

LA CARTE All menus can be served à la carte


Duck Foie Gras Cooked with fleur de sel from Guérande 15 €
5 Frog legs in Garlic 16 €
Salmon Gravlax fresh goat Mesclun from the Guérandais hills 14 €

Main Courses

Supreme of Turbot cream of spinach 24 €
Duo of eels and frogs legs in Persillade 25 €
Eels in Persillade 19 €

Veal kidney roasted meat jus 20 €
Veal sweetbreads braised with mushrooms 24 €
Lamb mice confit with rosemary 24 €
Impregnated pigeon with cabbage foie gras 28 €

Desserts Please choose it at the beginning of the meal 11 €

Marbled chocolate Louis XV style
Basket of strawberries with sugar Pineapple
Carpaccio iced coconut pearl *
Gourmet Dessert Plate Coffee or Gourmet Tea