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Market blackboard
Formula 19 € (Starter + Main Course or Main Course + Dessert) excluding Sundays and Holidays
Menu € 31 (Starter + Main Course + Dessert + Coffee)
Menu € 35 (Starter + Main Course + Cheese + Dessert)
Menu € 47 (Starter + Fish + Meat + Cheese + Dessert)

 Asparagus and knife fish just Baked In Hot / Cold, Yuzu Emulsion
 Foie Gras cooked with Guérande salt, stewed Herbignac apples and crispy celery
 Egg / tomato revisited: Yesteryear tomato carpaccio, herbal juice,
Egg cooked at 65 °, young sprout bouquet, grey salt and freshly ground pepper
Main courses
 Deep sea black mullet, potato and celery risotto, coarse shellfish juice
Veal shank (Osso Bucco) origin France with coriander,
young carrots with orange and beetroot juice
 Slowly cooked trout, celery heart, almond milk froth
 Low temperature cooked chicken fillet, potato cake, creamed sweet potato,

Desserts (Please choose at the beginning of your meal)
 Interleaved strawberry cake
 Brioche with organic eggs, vanilla ice cream
Herbignac Apple cooked with flower honey, grey salted caramel butter
From organic agriculture or Local Producers
Specialty Menu 36 Euros
(Starter + Main Course + Dessert)


Eels from the Morbihan Gulf
Smoked Salt, Algae from the Croisic, Breton shortbread with Meaux mustard
Home-made Chicken Liver Terrine
Onion marmalade
with Brière Honey, Crispy Sourdough Bread

Main courses

Pan fried eels in parsley and garlic,
Seasonal vegetable wok
Revisited candied Duck,
Old-style creamed potatoes, truffle oil


Briéronne Tourbette with 64% chocolate
Home-made iced Nougat,
Red fruit coulis with basil
The dishes proposed are subject to possible changes due to market supply and seasons

 Gratinated snails from Le Croisic, parsley butter, Noirmoutier potatoes, Seaweed salad € 14
Old-style black pudding, roasted prawns, shellfish emulsion € 16

 Gently cooked zander °, creamed sweet potato (Or Braised Chicory), pink garlic foam sauce € 22
 Coastal sea bass, Swiss chard and pearl wheat risotto, herbal juice sauce, Di Colonatta bacon shavings€ 22

 Frogs legs with parsley and garlic€ 3.50 piece
 Eels with parsley and garlic, seasonal vegetables 19 €

 Salers fillet of beef in a casserole °, crunchy vegetables € 24
 Crispy French veal sweetbreads, candied shallots with blackcurrant cream, 24 €
pan fried mushrooms, veal cooking juice with Loire wine

Desserts (please choose at the beginning of the meal)
 Home-made baba, with rum € 11
 Candied seasonal fruit, verrine of rice pudding with caramel nuggets, popcorn € 11
 "Gourmet" plate of Delicacies € 11
CHILDREN MENU – 12 ans 12 € (3 Courses) € 9.50 (2 courses)
Foie Gras or Tomato Carpaccio Mimosa
Poached salmon with melted butter or chicken drumstick
chocolate raft or 2 scoops of ice cream